Tinder Review 2017

Tinder is a date match making application which was launched about three years ago on 15 September, 2012. Its developer InterActiveCorp (IAC) has made it available on the two major smartphone operating systems at the moment, namely Android and iOS. Their popularity grew exponentially and now they have one of the largest customer bases of any dating app. Infact, their hard work also led them to win the TechCrunch award for best startup in 2013.

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Application features

The Tinder for iPhone and Android application is extremely well designed and is built keeping one-handed use in mind. You need to login in with your Facebook account. You can then change your profile picture (default is your Facebook’s pic), and then set a status. Finally based on several factors which have been discussed below, you will be given suitable matches. You just swipe right if you like someone and if he or she likes back, the two can have a conversation. That’s how simple it is.

Another nice feature is that this app also has support for android wear, so if you are using an android smartwatch then you can use Tinder from your watch as well.


The way Tinder works is pretty interesting and accurate as well. It only matches users who are located near each other, and uses the inbuilt GPS in smartphones to achieve that. It accesses the Facebook profiles of its users and gathers basic knowledge about them and creates a profile about them. Then using that information, it tries to match users who should be compatible. That is based on several factors such as location, hobbies, interests and number of common friends. After the user is provided with the possible matches, he can choose to like or reject them. Now, if the other person also likes, then they will be termed compatible and they will be allowed to chat with each other.

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Tinder supposedly has 10+ million active daily users (till April, 2014), making it one of the largest apps. The male to female ratio is a pretty standard 55:45 which is much better than what other similar services have.


The Tinder chatting app can be downloaded for free from either store. At first, it was completely free but then recently, the developers enabled the Tinder plus feature- which will allow the users to get a second chance if they swiped potential matches away. Subscription prices, at the moment, will vary from 99 cents to $20 depending on the location. Trials are going on and they will settle for a fixed price soon.


The Tinder app was a huge success when it was released and at that time, it was being downloaded at the fastest rate than any other dating app. Obviously, some serious campaigning resulted in this. Tindre started off by targeting campuses. This way, college students would spread the word to their friends and the chain would continue. This shows that word of mouth is still one of the best ways to advertise something, and Tinder exactly nailed that.


Tinder quickly became extremely popular only within a few months of its launch. Earlier it was kind of a casual hook-up app since it only suggested people within close proximity; but gradually, it has now turned into a full dating app. Reviews are usually positive, but people who are thinking of finding a long-term relationship with the help of this app might be disappointed, since most users are still now casual sex- focused. Another major criticism that has been pointed out is that people can only know about the age of their matches and nothing else at first. So that need to be taken care of. Still, the Tinder app has a very good 4.0 rating in the Play Store.

Tinder has become one of the largest dating apps today. With over 50 million matches, their customer base is increasing rapidly and the innovative updates to the app will make sure that they maintain their progress. Happy “tindering”!

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