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Nightline Chat Review – A Phone Numbers Based Dating Service

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Nightline Chat is an online dating service that operates in North America. Nightline Chat is often confused with Night Exchange, which offers a similar service. It is actually a free trial phone chatline where the users call each other via their website or application to converse with one another. This is quite different from today’s dating apps and services which focus on chatting via sending texts and other media such as pictures and videos instead of talking through the phone.

The slogan that they use is “Naughty is nice”! So, you probably can get an idea about what their website provides – it isn’t really for people looking for a long term relationship instead it’s about people who are trying to fulfil their fantasies and maybe looking for a short relation. They also have an Android application which should be better to use if you have an Android smartphone

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Website and Application features

The website looks well organised, and has responsive template as well. Besides, navigating is extremely easy and you can find whatever you are looking for quickly. Besides, they have several articles on how to use the service, payment options etc.

The Android app is fast and smooth. There’s also option for signing in with Facebook for fast access. The Android app has a rating of 4.1 which proves how efficient it is.


Using NightlineChat is extremely easy. When you first go to their website, they detect the region you are from. You will be shown a local phone number at the top right. Just dial that number, and you will be taken to the group where users in your local area are. Then just select the new caller option to set up your own personal mailbox.

If you are using their Android app, then the process is even easier. The app uses the inbuilt GPS technology to detect your approximate location and then connects you to local active users.

If any problems are encountered, one can also call their 24/7 customer service; a local number is provided on their website.


Nightline Chat has members from North America only, since that’s where they operate. Here also, men are much more in number than women. But that is restricted to a certain extent by their ingenious plan. While males need to pay after their trial is free, it is completely free for women. Since women don’t have to pay anything at all, that’s an extra incentive for them to join the site.


Signing up, for first time users, is absolutely free on Nightline Chat. For female users, it is completely free. Only males need to pay for all the features. Also, they can avail a free 30 minute trial. With this trial pack, they can basically do anything that the full paid upgrade will allow them to. There are two ways by which one can ask for this trial pack –

  • You can just download their Android app from the Play Store and use the in-app purchase method to get the 30 minute free pack.
  • The person can also call them and they will add that trial to their account.

After the trial pack is over, for male users, you need to purchase minutes in order to be able to chat.

There are three packages –

  • $9.99 for 20 minutes
  • $24.50 for 150 minutes
  • $49.50 for 380 minutes

They claim that the 2nd package is the most popular one. You can pay via DEBIT, MASTERCARD etc.


There are mixed reviews about this service. While most people have had positive reviews, fake profiles can create hassles for anyone. Also, some people are not really satisfied with it, since they also want a visual experience. Such people should move onto other dating websites. Another problem that comes up is that this is not for people seeking long term relationships. Women on this site are often not serious, so only a one time chat or a short relationship should be expected.

Nightline chat is a nice phone chat service, with several innovative features. Their Android app is well built as well. If you are into phone chat, then you should definitely give them a try.

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