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Online dating has become extremely popular in recent years. The ease of use and exposure to different types of people from various regions is one of the big reasons behind their growth. Our dating service is a two in one service- it features website signing up as well as interacting with people thought phone chat rooms. We allow all sorts of persons to use our service i.e. both straight as well as gay people.

We are constantly evolving and trying to incorporate new and better features in our chat line service. One of the major problems with such service providers is the formation of fake profiles. These fake profiles can prove to be extremely disturbing both for us as well as for our customers. Hence, we have taken adequate measures to combat that. Our intelligent software verifies whether the person joining is real or not through the info that he or she has entered. As a result, number of fake profiles in our website is extremely less.

Our website has been designed for easy navigation between articles; we also have applications for major smartphone operating systems for our customers’ benefits.

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Information about Charlotte

Charlotte is the largest city in the state of North Carolina in the USA. It is also ranks third among cities whose population is increasing at a steady rate. It has an estimated population of 792,862 as reported in 2013, with a population density of 1,028.3/km2. It also ranks 16th among the most populous cities in the USA. Male to female ratio is about 51:49, so there are almost equal number of men and women here.

Charlotte is a city which is flourishing with a diverse array of unique bars and pubs. The Thirsty Beaver and the Snug Harbour are famous bars if one wants to find hot singles, or enjoy a lovely evening with his or her date.

Girls and women belonging to Charlotte NC are extremely open; races of people doesn’t really matter here. Some of them are conservative, but if one visits the bars and nightclubs often then he definitely stands a good chance of meeting some extremely good looking singles here. One can definitely expect a lot more success if he or she uses our chat lines. Our service has designed specifically for singles who are looking for a companion in their lives.


We value our customers’ needs before anything else. Customer satisfaction is our primary aim. As a result, to help our clients achieve the best out of our service, we have introduced a trial version. Our first time users will be able to enjoy all the features of our chat line service for 30 to 60 minutes, which depends upon the geographic location of that user. In this way, that person can get a glimpse of what is awaiting him in these chat rooms, and he or she can decided later whether they want to continue using this dating service or not.

Some of the core features which have contributed to our success include-

  • Cheaper price compared to other similar service providers.
  • Payment can be made through various methods such as credit card, net banking etc.
  • Male to female ratio is more or less same, which is an extremely important of such sites.

Do you want to have some fun or maybe get involved in a real relationship this year? Then, using our chat rooms is the easiest way to achieve such goals, since we make dating so exciting and easier. I am sure that you too are excited and want to enjoy our service, just like the thousands of other people who have joined our chat line service to have an awesome experience in their lives. So what are you waiting for? Just dial your local number and start dating today!

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